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Wildlife Management Services, Inc
PO Box 311 
Sussex,WI 53089 

About Us

Wildlife Management Services, Inc has been in existence since 1988 and has effectively serviced as many as 14 different communities and state agencies during a single year. We have successfully serviced all existing communities in the Milwaukee and Waukesha county areas that have culled excess deer numbers by lethal means. Our list of clients includes townships across Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan. References from these clients are available upon request.

Since our founding in 1988, WMS, Inc. has a perfect safety record because of our disciplined methodology, while culling thousands of animals in an urban environment. In the past 11 years alone, WMS Inc. has removed in excess of 3,600 deer by lethal means and has provided over 180,000Lbs. of venison for distribution to local charities or food pantries.

WMS Inc. carries $2M in liability insurance!

WMS Inc Personnel

The employees of WMS Inc are dedicated, competitive marksman that have attained (in some cases) state, Midwest and even national championships in the most demanding of all NRA competitive shooting disciplines. Among our ranks are WI Hunter Safety Instructors, a former Army Reserve Marksmanship Unit coach, a 2-time US Shooting Team member, a 2-time National Service Rifle Champion and an Advanced Marksmanship Instructor for the US Army CMP/USAMU Squad Designated Rifleman program.

WMS Inc places a very strong emphasis on precision marksmanship, but also in the discipline to adhere to absolute safety.

No other wildlife service in the country can offer this level of expertise!

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