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Wildlife Management Services, Inc
PO Box 311 
Sussex,WI 53089 

deer crossingThe Problem

Exploding wildlife populations that have exceeded the carrying capacity of the land are becoming commonplace in our urban environments. These wildlife populations increase because of hunting restrictions, the artificial feeding of wild animals by residents and the lack of natural predators.

Because of these larger wildlife populations, significant increases in motor vehicle collisions occur and the wholesale destruction of anything resembling a food source can border on devastation. Gardens, nurseries, shrubbery, young trees and plants are nearly eradicated in the worst of situations.

The Solution

Christmas deerAs has been pointed out by many learned biologists, the removal or culling of excess wildlife numbers with sharpshooters is the quickest, most effective, humane and equitable means of controlling urban deer populations that are out of their natural balance. In this regard, WMS Inc. offers a safe and solid track record of producing the results that your community is looking for.